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  • Weekly Video Feeds
    While we are under construction, we want to offer you short video clips each week that share Ron's perspective about timely financial and spiritual matters.

    Virtual Feedback Loop values your ongoing opinion! We are looking for a group of interested participants who want to offer us feedback and input. In exchange for your willingness to be part of the Virtual Feedback Loop, we will send the first 500 people to sign up one of Ron Blue's books.

    Once you are a member, you will be asked to take our first survey and to share your book choice with us.

    The books we are offering are:
    The New Master Your Money by Ron Blue and Jeremy White
    Your Kids Can Master Their Money: Fun Ways to Help Them Learn How by Ron Blue and Jeremy White
    Wealth to Last by Ron Blue and Larry Burkett
    The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances by Ron Blue and Jeremy White
    Generous Living by Ron Blue
    Splitting Heirs by Ron Blue

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