Welcome! We are so excited for you to experience the freedom and perspective that you can gain over the next 5 weeks in Surviving Financial Meltdown! Whether this is your first class dealing with biblical financial management or whether you have a long history of managing your money from a biblical perspective, we pray that your experience will provide you with fresh hope and clear direction. Each week, you will find that there are additional resources available here, beyond what you have in your workbook. We look forward to hearing from you in our survey at the end of your study to find out how you have been impacted by the truths that Ron and Jeremy will share with you. Many blessings to you!

Session One: Turn Down the Noise by Turning Up God’s Voice:

Related Video: Did You Know?

Goal Setting Worksheet


Session Two: Turn Down the Noise by Facing Reality: Your Fears and Your Finances:

Web Link: Crisisofcredit.com

Worksheet: Financial Assessment

Worksheet: Spending Plan


Session Three: Turn Down the Noise by Knowing Where You Are Going: Goals and a Spending Plan:

Diagram: 11 Buckets

11 Buckets: Related Web Links

11 Buckets: Related Verses

Worksheet: Goal Setting

Worksheet: Spending Plan


Session Four: Turn Down the Noise by Having a Plan: Increase Savings and Reduce Debt:

Worksheet: Debt Repayment


Session Five: Turn Down the Noise by Thinking Long Term: Investing Here and in Eternity

Survey: Wrap Up Session

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